Hotel Den Burg Texel

Enjoy the sea, the harbor, the forests, the green land on the beautiful island of Texel

Welcome to Hotel Den Burg Texel

Experience Texel. Immerse yourself in its scents, particularly the salt that permeates the air from the sea, harbor, woods, green landscapes, and villages. Each season – winter, autumn, spring, and summer – brings its own palette of colors.

Find peace, space, and the embrace of the wind. The sunlight reflects off the sea, casting vibrant hues, while majestic clouds swiftly drift by, carried away by the wind. Embrace these sensory experiences and cherish Texel as a treasured memory in your heart.

Join us in this captivating setting. Our 80-year-old hotel, situated near the unique Hoge Berg nature reserve on the outskirts of Den Burg, embodies an atmosphere that is both inviting and welcoming. It reflects not only the style of our characteristic new building but also our personal commitment to hospitality.


We provide various amenities to enhance your island experience and make your stay as enjoyable as possible.







Our rooms

Explore our comfortable rooms, thoughtfully designed for your relaxation. With a variety of cozy options available, we guarantee a pleasant and affordable stay for all our guests.

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